Quick Start

  1. Start Account Care for Online in a Browser

  2. Login

  3. Show Menu bar, Tool Bar & Dashboard

  4. Search Tool Bar, Search Panel & Advanced Search

  5. Page Selection

  6. List Option: Show Detail, View Report, Edit, Delete & User Permission

  7. Export

  8. Company Setup

    Example wise filing in the fields:

  9. Inventory Setting

  10. Create User

    You can administer users belonging to an account by assign security levels with predefined permissions in order to Add, Edit, Delete & Report View assign users to a site and maintain the active users as required. To administer user permissions are all.

  11. Change Password:

    This task of changing the password is made simple and easy without performing any additional step. Account Care prompts the user to change the password on attempting to log in for the account to any one of the following features.

  12. Database Backup

  13. Group

  14. Voucher

  15. Date field

  16. Ledger field

  17. Detail Grid