Batch: Quantity of goods or material produced in a single manufacturing run. Collection of data or items treated as an aggregate or unit with respect to a procedure or process.

Lot: Defined quantity of a thing used as a unit of inventory, output, sale, sampling, or transportation. Items in a lot are of a single class, composition, model, size, type, or version, are produced under essentially the same conditions, and are intended to have uniform quality and characteristics within specified limits. A lot is ordered, sold, released, or delivered in its entirety. An exact lot is called a round lot, any quantity more or less than a lot is called an odd lot.

  1. How to Create New Batch\Lot?
  2. How to Edit Batch\Lot?
  3. How to Delete Batch\Lot?

How to Create New Batch\Lot?

1. In the Master Information menu, select Batch\Lot.
2. Click Inline Add (+ Button).
3. Type Batch\Lot Name.
4. Select ExpireDate.
5. Click Save.

How to Edit Batch\Lot?

1.  Click Inline Edit Button.
2. Type update Batch\Lot Name.
3. Select update ExpireDate.
4. Click Update.

How to Delete Batch\Lot?

1. Click Delete button on the Batch\Lot which you want to Delete.

2. Click OK.