Purchase Order

Purchase orders are documents sent from a buyer to a supplier with a request for an order. The type of item, the quantity and agreed upon price are generally (should be!) printed on the purchase order – the more specific the order, the more details included, the more effective the purchase order will be.

When a seller (aka, supplier, vendor, etc) accepts a purchase order, a legally binding contract is formed between the two parties. In addition, the buyer should always clearly and explicitly communicate their requests to the seller so there is no confusion when the purchase order is received.

Also, in the event the buyer refuses payment, the seller is protected because the purchase order is a binding contract between both parties.

Lastly, some commercial lenders will use purchase orders as a reference to provide financial assistance to an organization.

  1. How to Create Purchase Order?
  2. How to Edit Purchase Order?
  3. How to Delete Purchase Order?

How to Create Purchase Order?

  1. In the Entry menu, select Purchase Order.
  2. Then Click Add New(+ Button).
  3. Type Order No.
  4. Select Date.
  5. Select Expiry Date.
  6. Type Currency Name.How to create Currency.
  7. Type Currency Rate.
  8. Select Status.
  9. Type Ledger Name.How to Create Ledger.
  10. In Item Detail Type Item Name, Quantity, Rate & Value.
  11. Type Note.
  12. Then click Save.

How to Edit Purchase Order?

  1. Click on the Purchase Order which you want to edit.
  2. Then Click Edit Button.
  3. Update Order No.
  4. Change Date.
  5. Change Expiry Date.
  6. Update Currency NameHow to create Currency.
  7. Update Currency Rate.
  8. Update Status.
  9. Update Ledger NameHow to Create Ledger.
  10. In Item Detail Update Item Name, Quantity, Rate & Value.
  11. Update Note.
  12. Then click Save.

How to Delete Purchase Order?

1. Click Delete button on the Purchase Order which you want to Delete.

2. Click Delete.