Inventory Cost Adjustment Details

Product valuation fixes the price of a product based on what potential customers are willing to pay. Companies want to set the price high enough to cover their costs, but just below the maximum value the product has for the members of a target market. Valuation is a critical process for small businesses, whose comparatively low sales volumes reduce their ability to absorb pricing mistakes. Strategies to determine the valuation look at various cost and market characteristics to help fix an appropriate price.

  1. How to view Inventory Cost Adjustment Details Report?

How to view Inventory Cost Adjustment Details Report?

In the Inventory Reports menu, select Inventory Cost Adjustment Details.
a) View All Data.

1. Select From Date & To Date.
2. Then Click Report.

b) View Customize Data:
1. Select From Date & To Date.
2. Click Refresh Advance Option.
3. Select Cost for.
4. Select SL No.
5. Then Click Report.

c) Report:
Demo Company
Inventory Cost Adjustment Details
Date : 01/01/2018 to 31/03/2018
ID : 1 | Date : 29/03/2018 | Cost for : Purchase | SL No. : 5
Cost Detail
Group Ledger Dr. Amount Cr. Amount
Account Receivables Galaxy Media 0.00 500.00
Total : 0.00 500.00
Total Cost : -500.00
Item Detail
Item Name Percent (%) Amount
A1 Milk 5% -25.00
Total : 5% -500.00
Note : ABC