Gross Profit

In Gross Profit report, we can view all types of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc Gross Profit report according to select date to date. In Gross Profit report we also see Item Name, Unit, Quantity, Sale Value, Cost Value, and Gross Profit.

  1. How to view Gross Profit Report?

How to view Gross Profit Report?

In the Inventory Reports menu, select Stock Value Register.
a) View All Data.

1. Select From Date & To Date..
2. Then Click Report.

b) View Customize Data:
1. Select From Date & To Date.
2. Click Refresh Advance Option.
3. Select GroupHow to Create Group.
4. Select LedgerHow to Create Ledger.
5. Select Category.
6. Select Item Name.
7. Then Click Report.

c) Report:
Demo Company
Gross Profit
Date : 01/01/2018 to 31/03/2018
Item Name Unit Quantity Sale Value Cost Value Gross Profit
Jeans Pants
Jeans Pant T-Top Pcs 10 17,600.00 7,600.00 10,000.00
Jeans Pant V-Top Pcs 9 14,300.00 7,380.00 6,920.00
Sub Total : 19 31,900.00 14,980.00 16,920.00